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Nuken Indica Strain, One Of The Best Strains And Other Strains Related To It

The weed plantation is a famous yet subsiding sector for many countries, it is not legal in many countries because of its hyper-psychological effects that could intoxicate the people and make them have alternative effects. The strains are popularly known for being the different types of weeds and their after-effects. There different types of satins that are made with hybrid technologies and result in being the most famous strains of all times. The marijuana has good as well as bad effects; one should be thorough in that if they were to try it and should be well aware of the after-effects.

Types of strains

The marijuana can have various strain types and they have different effects on the body, they are usually not the original plants but rather the hybrids of cut crossing different species of weeds for example-

  • Girl scout cookies strain

the girl scouts cookie strain is the name used for the famous species of GSC, it was developed with the cutting of a Sativa cross leaning hybrid and an OG kush this resulted in the famous weed plant with a strong smell, multiple powerful flowers, and twigs. It has an energetic effect on the user’s mind and can result in the user feeling more sexually aroused, energetic, and creational.

  • Black diamond OG strain

The black diamond OG strain is a derived plant from the indica origins and is a crossover of plants of blueberry and diamond OG, which is a sub-plant of the OG kush. This has a strong effect on the user’s mind and sedates in a way so that the concentration is increased in a human while having a conversation. They have the most varied colored flowers with medium to large size that ends with a strong berry aroma when taken.

  • Nuken Indica Strain

The Nuken has the tastiest aroma based on a marshmallow type smell; these are derived from the indica origins and a little portion from the Sativa origin. With the plant cross between the god bud and the Kris strains. These are famous for the alluring aroma; they leave the user feeling in a very relaxed way and does not necessarily sedate the user. The Nuken Indica Strain is good for anyone who deals with a lot of stress and needs a getaway to feel relaxed. This is also used in medical conditions to help the body relieve any pain.

  • Blackberry kush aaa

The blackberry kush aaa is a derivative of the afghani and the blackberry origins resulting in the blackberry kush aaa. These have purple flowers with orange outer hair that have crystals throughout the flowers. It has a relaxing effect on the user and provides a happy mood for them. It is euphoric and can make the user feel sleepy. This especially helps with stress.


The strains have a good effect and can also harm the body if taken regularly. But these have some of the highest medicinal values that could help the users free up their nerve channels and avail its advantages properly.

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